Brian Laidlaw

Poet | Songwriter | Educator



I can watch the far stalks of corn standing steadfast

And the close rows in a swath of gold eroding as we sped past.


Up close I see the footprints but I can only guess the dangers

Down the rows for irrigation, the double-barreled chambers.


The lines converge where the copper meets the blue,

Where my highway crossed with you.


The marsh-hawks in the heat in their fleets buzz the sunroof

Heedless of the traffic, indivisible & gunproof,


Moving through my sightline on the tethers of their radians,

Darker than lightspeed, outrunning their own radiance.


The crows dissolve into charcoal blurs

And my wings dissolve into yours


Farther south the crows stare down the barrels of the grapevines:

A reminder that from the sky there are no distinguishable state-lines.


Farmers at the edges of the crop that they’re defending

Fire at the crows above, whose arcs are never-ending


And the crows wings dissolve, and like the bodies of the birds

My lines dissolve into yours.