Brian Laidlaw

Poet | Songwriter | Educator

Drugstore Hucksters


Sell me a red bandanna

I’ll take it on the chin again

I’m shipping my love to Montana

Through Iowa and Michigan


Look like I have two shiners

In my aviator shades

Meditate in gas station diners

In the badlands and everglades


Here come the midnight truckers

Here come the drugstore hucksters

Here come the late night lovers

And they have an offer for you


Here come the midnight tricksters

Here come the neon fixtures 

They want to put you in pictures

And it sounds too good to be true


Aspirin two in a packet,

coffee that’s watered down

bald eagle governor’s jacket

from your quiet border town.


I could have been called a maverick

If I hadn’t been so shy

But I can still cause some havoc

Before the day I die


(to chorus)


I’ve got gift of foresight,

a parcel to deliver

it’s a song that lasts fortnight

it’s the Mississippi river


it’s the world’s most precious cargo

it’s the west’s immortal valley

it’s all the snow in Fargo

it’s all the sun in Cali


it’s the moonscape that holds the geyser,

a lip balm that makes you thinner,

it’s a cocktail that makes you wiser,

it’s a ticket that makes you a winner


(to chorus)